Mulholland Drive – LA Vibes


Can you spot the Hollywood Sign on my left? (it is very small I have to admit)

Looking for a nice sunset or sunrise overlooking the City of Angels? Mulholland Drive is the Place to be. It is not only beautiful for sunset and rise, but also for a nice drive through the canyons of LA. Mulholland Drive is a road, which goes through the Santa Monica Mountains and the Hollywood Hills. The view, no matter if at daytime or at night is breathtaking at any point. The main part of Mulholland is 21mi (33.8km) long and at certain points there are parking spots where you can pull over and go to a lookout. Things you can see on your way: The Griffith Observatory, The Hollywood Sign, Universal City, Downtown LA and even a bit of the Pacific.


Griffith Observatory on top of the mountain on the very left of the picture

Just right off Mulholland Drive is The Runyon Canyon Park where you can go for a nice hike with breathtaking views. There are people going for a hike, working out, going for a run or for a walk with their dog all day. It is very crowded especially on Sundays. Hiking is kind of a big thing in LA. So do not be surprised if you run into some celebrities during your hike!


Oh and by the way: Mulholland Drive is not only a nice road with beautiful views, it is also a good route to skip the crazy traffic in LA. For example: if you are heading from Universal City to Santa Monica Beach during rush hour when the 101 and 405 are packed and do not mind the switchback, Mulholland is a good way to get around the traffic. And with some good music your mood lifts immediately!


Too much haze in the back covering the ocean

So whenever you are in Los Angeles. You HAVE to check out Mulholland Drive. No matter if you are just driving, or actually going for a stop to have a look over the city.


I love this lookout at Mulholland Drive just next to Runyon Canyon – with my VLOGGING-Cam

Tip: prepare a nice picnic and have your breakfast/lunch/dinner on the rooftop of your car during sunset or sunrise. The view is amazing!

IMG_0836   IMG_0836   IMG_0836


Kylie Jenner’s Lipkit Obsession

This one is more for my female followers I guess..

I never really liked lipstick and neither was I interested in “Keeping up with the Kardashians” – until Kylie Jenner’s lip kit was so hyped on the internet. Well.. I have to admit – it got me interested. Every blogger was talking about it and people were crazy about getting one. The first few times they literally sold out in like 5 minutes. I even tried to buy one, but was kicked out at the checkout, like so many others probably. But what is so special about that lip kit? Honestly, I DON’T KNOW. I think it is kind of like the Yeezys for women: Well the hype could be compared to it I guess. And why is it so popular? Besides the fact that many people adore the Kardashians and really like Kylie, the fact that the number is limited and owning one is a rarity does play a major role as well. The reason I bought it? It is MAC! And I literally love MAC cosmetics. I am a huge fan and I do have to admit: I really like the colors and the way the lipstick feels. It is something special somehow. So if I got you interested. Go check out kyliecosmetics on Instagram and find out about the next release date. They just launched their new lip glosses called “LITERALLY” “LIKE” and “SO CUTE” (for all the ones who are more into gloss than lipstick). I did not really like the gloss colors.. that is why I did not go online the second they were released and fought with probably over half a million others over some glosses. Way too much stress guys! Hahaha but if you like them, good luck! You need to be fast! It helps to have your credit card information somewhere on a word document so you can just copy and paste it and safe time. If the side does not break down every minute you probably have like 15min until everything will be sold out. Go for it and I really hope you get one or two! They are overall very amazing and beautiful. AND the best thing. You get a personal, and super cute letter from Kylie! Well sort of 


Egypt Mall – Hollywood Sign and Shopping

Hello my lovely peeps,

sorry for not posting that much lately. If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (IG: oOoannioOo Snap: anniwonder) you figured, that I was traveling through New Zealand with bad reception and no time for blogging. BUT: I did VLOG everyday. Be patient, as I will post my VLOGS as soon as I have time to edit. My travel plans are crazy the next two months so I will focus on posting blogposts as much as I can. So for now: follow me on Instagram and Snapchat to stay updated about new blogposts and exciting news!

But that is not what I intended to talk about today. I want to share another amazing place in Los Angeles with you.


(alias Hollywood and Highland Center)


There are three major malls around LA, which I like to tell you more about. Each one of them is unique, has special and amazing things to offer. You already know about THE GROVE and now I would like to tell you something about the mall which I like to call EGYPT MALL. Its real name is Hollywood and Highland Center. It is located at the corner of Highland Ave. and Hollywood Boulevard. It is just a few steps away from the Dolby Theater and the Chinese Theater. So it is a perfect stop while you are spending a day at Hollywood Blvd. in the sunshine.


Can you spot the small HOLLYWOOD sign on my right side?

First things first: PARKING! There is a parking structure right underneath and next to the mall. When you are driving towards the mall from Highland Ave. the entry to the parking is on the right hand side right after the LOEWS hotel and the shoe palace. It is not for free, but if you are planning on only staying a few hours definitely cheaper than all the tourist trap parking lots advertising with $15 all day parking. If you plan to stay longer, definitely go to one of those parking lots outside. They are everywhere around Hollywood Blvd. but careful. Cash only!


What does this mall have to offer? Well a lot. Besides very nice restaurants – ( my favorite: The French Crêpe – you can probably tell by the name what they are famous for..) there are many shops and areas to hang out, like the fountain or the front plaza. But the best part: you can see the HOLLYWOOD sign from the mall. That gives you the right feeling. Being on Hollywood Blvd. next to the most famous movie theater,  on the Walk of Fame and with the view of the HOLLYWOOD sign. Could it be any better? There are also many shops selling the major commercial brands like Victoria’s Secret, GUESS, Sephora, Forever 21 etc., extravagant phone cases and tourist souvenirs.


Nice area to hang out or grab a bite to eat – right next to the fountain

Another amazing thing about this mall. This one is for all my European friends who are under 21 and not that excited about getting a fake ID. There is a nightclub on the third floor called OHM, which is opened Fridays and Saturdays for everyone 18 and older! The only downside to it. Of course you are not allowed to drink alcohol if you are not 21, plus the entry is not exactly cheap: $25 – but if you want to spend a fun night out, it is totally worth it!


Nightclub 18+ – rarity in the U.S. 

If you do not feel like shopping or having a nice lunch or dinner, at least you get a good shot of the HOLLYWOOD sign. Go up to the third floor of the mall, walk on the bridge just next to the elephants and take a picture of the sign. I know it is a little bit far away and I will tell you an amazing spot where you can see it closer soon, but I just love this mall.


Can anyone spot the small HOLLYWOOD sign behind me in the top middle of the arc?

If you have already been there.. Wouldn’t you agree that it looks like an EGYPT MALL? I think it does. And I like this name more that Hollywood and Highland Center. That sounds so boring. Who came up with this name anyway?


Egypt Mall describes it pretty well – don’t you think?

Well.. I hope you are having a nice day today. Stay tuned for updates on my Instagram and Snapchat! New blogpost coming within the next days.



Venice Beach Outfit #1



If you ever went to Venice Beach, you know that it is more casual and “Hippie-Like” than Malibu and Santa Monica for example.

I decided to go with a casual black and white outfit. Two small accessories you should not miss in California ever is a hat and a livelokai bracelet – they are a classic!


Outfit Details 

Shirt: Boom Bap

Shorts: Zara

Over knee socks: Zara

Shoes: Adidas Original

Hat: Forever 21

Bracelets: livelokai


I hope you have better luck with the weather than I did that day. And always remember.. Wear your bathers underneath to go for a swim at any time! The water is amazingly refreshing on a hot day and there are showers everywhere!


MELROSE AVE – “Made in LA”

There are a few spots in Los Angeles, you just have to visit. Well for one picture at least.


One of them is the “Made in LA – Wall “. It is located just off Melrose Avenue (to be exact: Cisco Home, 8025 Melrose Ave. at N Laurel Avenue in North Hollywood). The evening light is very charming – especially for pictures..


Furthermore, Melrose Ave. has so many amazing things to offer. Extravagant boutiques, where you can find any styles from hipster to extraordinary sneakers, to elegant clothes, nice small cafes and restaurants and amazing graffiti/artistic walls like “Made in LA”, the Angels Wings, Paul Smith Wall.. (more to those next week).


With its many different styles, anyone can find something at Melrose Ave: whether it is for shopping, artistic interest, cafes and restaurants or just to be inspired.


Don’t miss out on all the great picture spots and artistic master pieces!




Le Petit Four – Best French Restaurant in Town

If people ask me who I am, what I am doing, where I am from, etc. my short cut is usually:

“California girl made in Germany, living in Australia, traveling the world.”



Los Angeles is an amazing city and who does not love American food? But it does not hurt to eat some European food for a change. Does it? My first address to go to when I miss European meals is “Le Petit Four”. It is for sure my favorite French restaurant in Los Angeles. The food is manifique and they even have my favorite dessert of all times! Tarte Framboise  it reminds me of my second home at the Côte D’Azur. The owner is French himself and took the restaurant over from is father. So it is a family business with heart and soul. The food is beyond amazing and the staff very friendly.



Le Petit Four is located in the center of Sunset Plaza on the Sunset Strip (to be exact: 8654 Sunset Blvd.) and is opened everyday from 11.30am to 10.30pm. The parking is free and behind the restaurant on the Sunset Plaza. Alongside the restaurant there are many unique and amazing designer boutiques, such as Wildfox and BCBG Maxazria, where you can go shopping before or after your time at Le Petit Four.



No matter if you decide to go for lunch or dinner, it is always crowded and the cuisine is on point. Many celebrities actually dine or have lunch there. So if you are lucky, you might end up sitting next to one of them. The restaurant is set up like a typical French one: You can eat inside or outside under a plastic pavilion, where they will put heaters once it gets colder. So if you are looking for a good place to enjoy a typical, delicious, European dish, Le Petit Four is THE place to go.



Starting off with delicious baguette and butter, this restaurant already won my heart.. (you have no idea how hard it was in LA to find some good bread at first. But I managed and now I know THE BEST places to buy european bread, and even german pretzels!) But the baguette is not all. I have probably tried the whole menu by now, and even though EVERYTHING tasted amazing and no dish disappointed me, I have two favorites, which – I have to admit – I did order more than once during my time in LA.



The number one is the “Steak au Poivre” (pepper steak), which is heavenly amazing! It normally comes with french fries, but I usually go for either a small salad or steamed vegetables. I do not know how the cook does it, but the sauce is “on fleek” how we would say in LA.

The second dish, considered as one of my favorites is the Atlantic Salmon with steamed vegetables, rice pilaf and a delicious lemon sauce. Just thinking about it makes me want to got back there immediately.. If you happen to be there on a rather hot day, go for one of their salads like the Chèvre Chaud or other options.

I would say that there is no way you can leave Los Angeles, without having made an opinion for yourself about Le Petit Four. So go there and let me know what you think!




Bon Appetit

Sprinkles Ice Cream – Heaven on Earth


Did you ever have an ice cream and couldn’t get enough of it? No?! Well that means you have never been to Sprinkles Ice Cream in Los Angeles. They also sell cupcakes in an unique way, but more to that later.



So, as promised in my recent blogpost about The Rodeo Drive, I will reveal the secret of my favorite ice cream place in LA.

Sprinkles Ice Cream



It is located only a few hundred meters off Rodeo Drive on 9631 S Santa Monica Blvd.  They have various selections of different ice cream flavors including the classics like chocolate and vanilla. You can either choose a regular or red velvet corn, an ice cream flavor in between a brownie, cookie or one of their special cupcakes and top it with various toppings like sprinkles, gummy bears, crumbles and many others.


My suggestion: if you want to try something totally different and amazing: Go for the Sprinkles Cupcake with an ice cream flavor of your choice in the middle. There are no words, which could possibly describe how delicious this creation tastes. Sprinkles cupcakes are the best I had so far in Los Angeles, and mixed with their special ice cream. Literally: OMG!


On that day, I was too full to go for the cupcake ice cream, so I decided to have a red velvet corn with the classic vanilla ice cream and the colorful sprinkles. This vanilla ice cream was the sh**, no kidding.


So if you ever feel like having an extraordinary dessert to treat yourself on cheat day, or any other day of the week, or just happen to be in the area, check out Sprinkles ice cream. It is worth your time 



Beach Workout Style #1

As promised yesterday – here’s what I bought at The Grove Nike Store..







This shot was taken before one of my sunset workouts at Malibu Beach. I really love these Nike tights, not only because they are in my favorite colors, but also because they are the most comfy ones. Even though it is very hot at the beach during the day, it gets very cold in the evenings – so long pants are always a good choice. The American Apparel jacket is my all time favorite. Not only for a workout, but also for casual occasions like dinner at a restaurant. I have several different colors and I would say that it is a MUST HAVE if you are in LA. It’s an essential part of my California lifestyle, as you have probably noticed.. I dress more casual and informal. It depends on the occasion, but I prefer to walk around in easy going clothes ( well only in LA). The good thing is: you can go to any place in your gym clothes in Los Angeles. Everybody is so fit and sporty and gym clothes makes out at least 60% of the people you see. So don’t worry. I went to the best restaurants in gym clothes just because I didn’t have the time to go home and change. As long as you behave well there is no problem. Anyways, I have been talking too much. Let’s get to the point. Let’s get going.


That day my workout was rather small. I just did a few miles run and some planking. If I am running at the beach, I prefer to run barefoot. Of course you have to be careful that you don’t step on pieces of broken glass, but I love the feeling. If you’re not planning a 10k run, you should definitely give it a try.


So let’s burn some calories

The Grove – most unique Shopping experience




Have you ever been at a mall and never wanted to leave again? Probably not yet. You know why? Because you haven’t been to The Grove in LA. Hahaha just kidding! But seriously, The Grove is one of a kind. It’s a fun, outdoor shopping mall where you can hang out, go shopping, go to the movies, go to a restaurant or to Farmers Market.


For those of you, who are not familiar with Farmers Market: It’s usually a place where local farmers sell their harvest. Each day, there are farmers markets all over LA at different places (my favorite is located in Beverly Hills, where I go every Sunday). But the Farmers Market at The Grove is different. There are at least one hundred different restaurants, places where you can grab a snack or some sweet treats. My absolute favorite restaurant is the Pampas Brazilian Grill. It’s a buffet with all different choices of sides, salads and Brazilian specialties such as (Pão de queijo – a delicious cheese bread which my best friends from Brazil recommended me) they actually showed me that place. But that’s not the best part..


They have five or even more typical Brazilian meats on skewers marinated and grilled differently. You just have to choose the meat you want and they slice it right onto your plate. It’s heaven! So delicious. Even if you’re not eating meat, this place is totally worth a visit. They have food, I never even heard of. Like small bananas, which grow underground? Or fried Yukka? Besides the Brazilian restaurant (where there’s always a line by the way) there are many other places like some French restaurants, which sell crêpes and other specialties, like all kind of different popcorn flavors and colors (have you ever tried blue popcorn?). Basically, you can get any kind of food at any time of the day. But one of the coolest stores at the Grove’s Farmers market is probably the hot sauces store. It’s a store, where they only sell spicy sauces. Sadly, pictures and videos are strictly forbidden, so I could not share it with you.. I was very tempted to by the spiciest sauce on earth, but I did not want to end in a hospital. So if you’re brave enough buy it, try it, and tell me about it!


Farmers Market is only a small part of The Grove Mall. The outdoor shopping mall has much more to offer. Besides some of the popular international stores like Zara, Apple, UGGS, Michael Kors, Topshop!  , Nike and many others, there is a movie theater, and an old school tram going through the mall (the ride is free).


I have to admit. I am a Nike sportswear addict.. So I got a little something at the Nike store. Check out my next post to find out what I bought.. 🙂



Speaking of sport.. if you happen to have a weakness for chocolate: definitely try See’s Candy. It’s amazing! As almost in every mall in LA, there is a cheesecake factory. I will write more about this unique and amazing frenchise soon, telling you the secret spots and most impressive Cheesecake Factory locations and inside tips on what to order. So stay tuned.


One last thing, which I think makes the outdoor mall special and different from any other shopping mall is the green area in the middle. They give out red blankets so you can sit on, have a picnic, or listen to the life acts, which are mostly on the weekends. So go check it out. Whether you’re just looking for a palace to go, explore, a different kind of restaurant or food, or maybe you just wanna go shopping. Whatever you decide. The Grove is definitely worth a visit!



Santa Monica Pier – Food, Fun and Lifestyle

Honestly? Who doesn’t like the beach. And who hasn’t seen the Santa Monica Pier in a movie or somewhere on Instagram? It is a lovely, fun place to hang out or to enjoy the fun rides and the game hall. There are many cute places, where you can grab a bite to eat. From a healthy fruit snack to ice cream, to pizza, to churros (my favorites). If you want a cool experience, get on one of the rides (roller coaster, ferries wheel) to have a better view. Let’s start this.

FullSizeRender 3FullSizeRender 3

First of all: parking! You can park either directly on the pier – like actually drive onto it, besides it or at the parking structure at 3rd street promenade (the only place where the first 90min are FREE). Of course, if you’re lucky there’s always street parking, but watch for the signs: the parking is mostly for only 2h. So now that that’s clear. Let’s eat the cotton candy..

FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 5

A perfect day at Santa Monica starts for me usually at 5am. I get up, prep my breakfast, put my gym clothes on and hop in the car to skip the worst of rush hour. Depending on the season I usually arrive around sunset. The beach parking right next to Santa Monica Pier opens with the sunrise. The early bird catches the worm, so I am off for a run at the beach promenade. Depending which way you prefer you can either go to Venice Beach or Malibu. If you’re not that much of a runner, you can rent bikes at the beach or the Santa Monica Pier – not at 6am in the morning, but a little later. After a nice 12km run (I prefer to go to Venice Beach and back) I go for a swim in the ocean, have a shower at the beach and eat my breakfast. If you’re lucky, you enjoy your breakfast with the company of dolphins, which stop by in the early mornings in spring and winter. After a lovely breakfast I usually go for a walk on Santa Monica Pier to get some extra fruits or enjoy the view. If I am in a good mood, I might as well go for a ride on the roller coaster. It’s not the best, but it’s definitely fun. Right at the beginning of Santa Monica Pier, you will walk past a restaurant you’ve probably seen before: Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. does this ring any bells? No? Have you seen Forest Gump? Well, it’s the restaurant from the movie. If you wanna stay for lunch, it’s the perfect place. Optional you can to 3rd Street Promenade (more to that later: but it’s my favorite shopping place in LA, so don’t miss out) or – if you are more into the american kind of food: go grab a slice of pizza, some ice cream, or maybe cotton candy..? It’s really good. I tried everything there over the past year (only on my cheat days of course..).


Rounding up the day with a delicious dinner in one of my favorite restaurants at 3rd street promenade makes the day perfect. Stay updated about special insights into my favorite restaurants. Post coming soon.

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 2

Fun Fact: I probably hate cotton candy more than anything else..

And I bought a blue one as well – just for the photo shoot and just to throw it away..